The last safe place is safe no more.

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"It’s a benevolent madhouse. As soon as the director yells ‘cut’, Martin Sheen and John Spencer are trading old New York theater war stories, Allison Janney is pretending to talk to someone on a prop phone, Dule Hill is tap-dancing with jaw-dropping skill, Richard Schiff is tossing Hershey’s kisses into a coffee mug from across the room and Bradley Whitford, that avid yoga show-off, has his foot atop atop a bookcase…"

West Wing references in Parks and Recreation 4x19 “Live Ammo”

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If I leave you it doesn’t mean I love you any less

Keep me in your heart for awhile…

 May 21, 2012


i’ll let you have whatever headcanons you’d like, i know you’re all thirsty for it

New Zealand - Australia

Prince George is my favorite royal.

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